Friday, 16 May 2014

The Flyest Fly

Well, this will be short and sweet.  I have been getting out with my macro lens and it has really opened up the insect world to a level I had not yet delved.  Because I am new with the macro lens, I am still working on balancing the depth of field and shutter speed to get the best results.  With the depth of field issue, you really need to contemplate which angle to photograph something to have all the relevant features in focus.  I think I like downward-facing dorsal (not a yoga move) and perfect side profile the best so far, but I'll work on this.

At any rate, I lost a couple hours in a patch of grass and weeds yesterday at Island View Beach.  I headed south from the boat launch and eventually popped up onto the quite possibly private laneway.  There was a band of vegetation largely consisting of Common Vetch (Vicia sativa) and Spotted Medic (Medicago arabica) that I stalked through rather meticulously.

The sun continued to lower and the light got duller and I decided to make a couple last meanders.  On one of these meanders, I spotted a little fly that had the most intricate pattern I have ever seen.  I only managed a couple photos and you will see what I mean about the shallow depth of field on them.  Still, you can certainly get a sense of how intricate the pattern is on the fly.  Janean managed to put me in the right area for the identification and I further narrowed it.  It is a fruit fly in the genus Paracantha, which I have a feeling only has one representative locally: P. culta.  I will amend this if I find out there are more species and it can't be identified.  In the mean time, enjoy this outrageous fly and maybe it'll inspire you to refine your search image to a finer scale every once in a while.

Even the eyes on Paracantha culta are patterned - ridiculous!

Look at those wings - truly amazing!

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